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About Us

Our life has evolved around Herbal Medicines, Remedies, Teas, Tinctures, Extracts and Salves for many many years now. We were brought up in the UK working with herbs, barks, leaves, flowers and resins. Moving to New Zealand, furthered our workings with New Zealand native flora and fauna. Until we realised that the two can and do compliment each other. 

 We joined the Northern traditions with those of the Southern, and Te Whenua Me Te Wairua was born (The Earth and the Spirit).

Here at Te Whenua Me Te Wairua, we have brought together the herbal traditions of the UK, Europe and 

Aotearoa New Zealand.

The union of the traditions, means that we can bring you the best of ingredients, with some being grown here in Southland!

When harvested, each ingredient is done so with honour, love and respect.  Karakias are sung to them, meditations are carried out.  If any of our own plants say no, then they are not harvested until an agreement is reached with them.  

Our Products

ALL of our products are made in small batches, to ensure the freshness of each of them.  They are all made with love, care, honour, and respect.  Karen has worked with herbs for 35 plus years, and continues to be the inspiration behind many of the blends that we use.  Aroha works with the Rongoa Maori herbs, and between the two of them, are proud to bring you these beautiful healing creations.

Other Services

We are pleased to also be able to offer you a Custom Blending service.  

For Herbal Teas, this can be on a per packet (8+ cups) basis.  

For Balms and Oils, it is per 500ml

Please contact us for pricing.